Research Focuses

Research Focuses:

  • Development of Novel Therapeutics and Diagnostics/ Theranostics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology in Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
  • Big Data to Knowledge
  • Precision Medicine
  • Medical Robotics


As demonstrated in the flowchart, Selection Committees select the Research Units and each unit selects their projects. ACE supports these research units. These supports include Facilities, Human Recourses, and Project-related Costs.

Selection Committees:

The Selection Committee is a senior research body, which performs general management of ACE research and innovational activities. The Selection Committee implements a framework of shared governance, enabling joint consultation and decision-making of ACE faculty and leadership. The Science Council is chaired by ACE President Professor Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard and co-chaired by ACE Provost Professor Hossein Rabbani.

The Selection Committee has the authority on the following major academic affairs:

  • To determine basic principles of Research Units include Research groups, Research centers, Institutes, and Departments, define quality policy, requirements, standards and mechanisms for improving research programs
  • To develop and approve a general strategy for research and innovation, analyze and evaluate results of research and development; make decisions on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of the laboratories in the institute
  • To approve basic terms for Iranian and international research programs
  • To determine requirements for faculty and Research Units, appoint and promote Units