Bilateral Research Collaboration 2024-2025

Call for Joint Research Project

1. Background

Through this grant, Strategic Technologies Development Center of Iran Vice-Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy aims to fund joint research projects in 7 fields of Bio Technology, Connectivity and Communication Technologies, Optics and Quantum Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing and Material Technologies, Nano and Micro Technologies, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells Technologies, and Cognitive Technologies between researchers from Iran and other countries.

Avicenna Center of Excellence, hereafter referred to as ACE, is the broker for implementing the bilateral research collaboration.

2. Research themes

3. Grant provision requirements

  • At least two principal investigators (PIs), one from Iran and one from another country, must participate in the project.
  • During the implementation of the project, at least one of the PIs must conduct research and development for at least one month at the other party’s institution.

4. Applicants

Applicants must have scientific and technical background related to the project and affiliation with educational/research centers or knowledge-based companies/SMEs:
  • Applicants who define the project with the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize Laureates or have a background of cooperation with them, as well as the winners of KANS Scientific Competition, benefit from an extra score in the evaluation process to receive the grant;
  • Applicants with partners from Islamic countries (OIC member states), benefit from an extra score in the evaluation process to receive the grant;
  • Applicants with a specific research group, including scientists affiliated with a university or a public research institute from Iran or the partner country, benefit from an extra score in the evaluation process to receive the grant.
  • Research groups using this grant are encouraged to collaborate closely with each other beyond project-related activities and define other areas for joint work.
  • Applicants who choose their co-PIs from the following institutions benefit from an extra score in the evaluation process to receive the grant:
  • Université de Sousse, Tunisia
  • Senegalese National Academy of Sciences and Technics, Senegal
  • National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan
  • COMSTECH, Pakistan
  • Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Bangladesh
  • Khazar University, Azerbaijan
  • Maghtech Network, France
More information about the above institutions is available in:

5. Partnerships

  • The mutual commitment of the partners in both countries will serve as an indicator of the strength of the research project. This includes the commitment of in-kind resources[1] by all partners. The project output belongs to the participating researchers and related council.

    [1] In-kind resources are any contributions that do not involve financial support, such as access to computers, software, office space, and/or equipment

6. Funding and budgeting

  • Up to 10,000 USD seed money grant is allocated to Iranian partner.
  • Partners from other countries are responsible for financing up to 10,000 USD including in-kind resources of the project, hosting or travel costs, etc.
  • Each party shall be responsible for meeting the travel, subsistence, and accommodation costs of its own research group members in visits associated with this collaboration.
  • The grant will be disbursed in two instalments: 80% after signing the grant contract and 20% after approval of the final report and financial statement.
  • A detailed budget is required when submitting the project proposal. Budgeted expenses must be justified and related to the proposed research activities.
  • A contribution of each partner is expected and must be made explicit in cash and/or in-kind.

7. Application

Applications should be submitted to the Avicenna Center of Excellence (ACE):

8. Timeline

The proposal submission has been extended till end of February.
Application submission deadline:31 January 2024End of February 2024
Primary decision:29 February 202420 April 2024
Revision and resubmit31 March 202420 May 2024
Notification:14 April 20241 June 2024
Project commence date:30 June 202420 July 2024
Project duration:Up to 12 monthsUp to 12 months

9. Evaluation and selection

Applications will be assessed by an independent evaluation panel and notified by ACE. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria (not listed in order of priority):

  • Consolidation of an existing partnership
  • Scientific merit or impact of the anticipated outcomes
  • Potential for long-term collaboration and follow-up activities
  • Originality and feasibility of the proposed activity
  • Expertise and complementarities of the partner institutes and the applicants (and their research groups)
  • Contributions by all involved partners, including funding and in-kind contributions

10. Reporting

The Iranian applicant is responsible for administrating the funds and for reporting. S/he must submit a final scientific report as well as a financial statement not later than one month after the end of the project.

11. Contact

  • Prof. Hossein Rabbani
    Director of Avicenna Center of Excellence

    Isfahan Elites Foundation, Isfahan, Iran

    Tel: +98 (31) 34717701- Ext. 2