Mission & Vision


The Avicenna Center of Excellence (ACE) has a mission to advance science and develop innovative technology, to further economic growth and improve lives. ACE plays a key role in nurturing and developing talent and leaders for our research community.

Innovation is seen as a key pillar to navigate an uncertain economic climate. It is important for Iran to maintain a globally competitive manufacturing sector and to strengthen the ability of companies to adopt an innovation.

In addition, we are committed to building up our nascent yet vibrant start-up ecosystem, by helping elites in their research fields to stay in Iran and prevent Iranian graduate’s migration to other countries. We aim to push scientific frontiers in the biomedical sciences, we strive to strengthen our growing biomedical ecosystems.

In particular, ACE’s priorities are in the following domains:

  • Development of Novel Therapeutics and Diagnostics/ Theranostics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology in Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
  • Big Data to Knowledge
  • Precision Medicine
  • Medical Robotics

These fields, among others, have been useful for the clinical community as they seek to preeminent researches and innovations to deal with pressing healthcare concerns and disease burdens. In addressing national challenges, we are working closely together with the relevant ministries, such as the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in Iran. In this context, academic excellence includes performing cutting-edge basic and applied research and educating the next generation of medical science and technology leaders. ACE also works to create research opportunities for scholars, engineers, students, and alumni. As such, ACE bridges the gap between applied research and industry.

ACE acts as a modern, self-sustaining innovation ecosystem and catalyst to foster cutting-edge research, promote entrepreneurial activity and train internationally competitive specialists capable of working in the rapidly changing research and technology landscape. ACE is ultimately a human enterprise. ACE has an open talent strategy that has allowed us to tap on research ideas, expertise, and networks from within Iran as well as all over the world. It is only with the verve and actions of creative, innovative and enterprising people that our innovation hub can continue to flourish.
The ability of our companies to leverage technology to innovate and stay ahead of the competition is becoming ever more critical, as Iran faces global challenges and undergoes economic transformation to prepare for the future. Our activities help economic growth & optimal use of human resources in Iran. Our activities, in addition, also contributes to societal benefits such as improving outcomes in healthcare, urban living, and sustainability. These serve to enhance lives in Iran and beyond.


The scientific attractiveness of the ACE is based on its understanding of research. ACE focus on research fields that are particularly innovative, or that are especially demanding in terms of funding or time requirements making it all the more important to encourage young people’s interest in studies in these areas early on. Instructors play an important role in this process.
ACE offers scientists excellent research opportunities, providing them with extensive support and special offers to foster their development. Young researchers can lay the cornerstone for their future scientific career.
More and more, groundbreaking scientific advances are occurring at the interfaces between disparate fields. An interdisciplinary approach to thinking and working, as well as global interaction between scientific institutions, are key prerequisites for successful research. Those who conduct research at the frontiers of knowledge often end up in realms for which no suitable methods, equipment, or testing and analysis procedures have yet been established. Necessity being the mother of invention, researchers often end up taking unconventional paths.
In doing so, they discover novel materials and substances with surprising properties, or they stumble upon promising therapeutic agents or develop computation algorithms that open up unimagined possibilities, also in the field of medicine. Many of these ideas and innovations are decidedly marketable, but getting them there is often a very long and arduous process.
The ACE concentrated on innovative, interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in particularly promising fields and established specific programs, creating opportunities for young researchers to launch their international science careers.
We will continue to pioneer the frontiers of science, strengthen our role as Iranian’s leader in medicine, and expand our global influence through collaboration and international aid. ACE acts as a comprehensive research center that harmonizes – or converges – researchers to create a new science culture.
In the first step, we focus on interdisciplinary medical fields. In the future, we extend our felids to other areas.