Clustering the purpose of travel of citizens passing through the center of Isfahan city and predicting the number of traffic in the future according to cameras

Examining the travel behavior of drivers based on information from license plate cameras within the traffic plan

Introducing the challenge:

Currently, in the area of the center of Isfahan city, even and odd plans are being implemented, and in the future plan, the transformation of this plan into a traffic area plan is under the order of the city administration. The entry information of different vehicles is recorded based on the license plate number on different days and hours based on the available cameras. Examining the above statistics and determining the travel behavior of drivers, traffic route and type of travel, etc. It can be one of the achievements of this proposal. Proper planning for the city center area with the aim of reducing traffic, reducing air pollution, etc. is one of the necessities of traffic management. The use of the above data is important in this regard.

The purpose of this challenge is to find the effective characteristics and clustering of trips to the limited traffic plan. It is expected that the obtained clusters will be analyzed and the purpose of the trip such as residence, workplace, shopping, etc. will be estimated.

Expected output:

Estimating the purpose of travel of imported cars
Evaluation method:

The scientific method of problem solving and creative techniques are used
Evaluating the knowledge of the subject and the creative techniques used from the point of view of the business field (transportation)
Evaluating estimated travel goals by matching results with comprehensive studies