Calculation of system properties in refrigerators and freezers of Snowa company

Introducing the challenge:

In home refrigerators and freezers, the cooling speed of the refrigerator and freezer is done from the ambient conditions to the appropriate temperature of the chamber according to the standard known as the Puldon test. In this test, the speed at which the temperature reaches the desired temperature from the ambient temperature is important, and this speed is a function of the properties of the system such as the amount of insulation and the thickness of the insulation and the volume of the chamber, the physical properties of the cold factor, i.e. the refrigeration cycle, and the air circulation speed inside the two chambers. The way of relating the above items in a mathematical modeling of the physical conditions of the problem can be achieved, but the air flow in the rotation in each chamber cannot be measured directly and it is desirable to measure the temperature of the points and the modeling described above, to the various information of the system from The flow rate of circulating air was achieved. In this matter, there are measurement data and the changes in the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartment in different parts of the compartment in the time period are known and will be presented to them after the teams are determined. Also, the physical properties of the system are known and the data will be presented.

Related artificial intelligence subfields to solve the challenge:

Applied artificial intelligence, deep learning artificial intelligence prediction models

Team specific conditions:

In this challenge, a team of at least three people including one mechanical engineering person – energy conversion major and one computer engineer – computer science or electrical engineer proficient in artificial intelligence algorithms and one person majoring in applied mathematics is considered.